Next Generation Smart Parking Solution

Next Generation Smart Parking Solution

MindCube provides a complete and innovated parking management solution called Smart Parking Solution.
Based on the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), MindCube’s unique technology can perfectly recognize diverse Philippine license plates.
License plate recognition based on our AI is the core technology of our parking automation.
With this cutting edge technology the passage of cars in and out of the parking space would be a lot quicker, providing availability of parking space a lot faster, and creating a more secure and friendly environment.
Thus making the operation of the parking space a lot smoother and more convenient, and ultimately resulting to a huge increase in profit.
What are you waiting for, automate your parking lot with MindCube’s AI technology, Smart Parking Solution now and see how this new marketing method boost your parking space business!
MindCube’s AI automated parking technology or Smart Parking Solution provides:
– Quick entry-exit of cars
– More parking space
– Perfect security
– New marketing strategy to boost income

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